What is Texas Dance Expressions?

First and foremost, TDE is a FAMILY. Our goal is for our members to build strong bonds and support each other as they grow in both dance and life.

TDE’s roots date back to 1990 when Rose Thayer Academy of Dance began its competitive dance program. It has been known by a few different names over the years, but the focus has always been the same.

Our team is competitive in nature. Our members have brought home hundreds of awards since its inception. We attend several competitions each year, both on the regional and national level. Our members must have taken Ballet, Tap, and Jazz prior to auditioning.

All members participate in Ballet, Tap,  Jazz, and Hip Hop routines. The reason for this is simple.

Our goal is to ensure all of our dancers receive a well-rounded dance education. We want our members to be able to easily adapt to various dance styles when trying out for drill team or cheerleading in high school, or when they pursue membership in a dance company in college or when they pursue a professional dance career.  This focus can give our members an edge over the competition and allow the versatility of their training to shine.

In order to aid in this dance education, our members receive instruction from both our experienced studio staff and guest instructors. By exposing our members to a variety of instruction styles, it allows them to hone their ability to adapt and flourish in instructional settings. Our guest instructors came from a wide variety of backgrounds and are well-known and respected throughout the dance community.

As we enter our 28th year of competitive dance, our members have begun training with the goal of performing together as a team, attaining personal growth goals, and to continue the legacy of excellence in dance.